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Massage Therapy Techniques

I understand that every person has their own preferences when it comes to massage. That's why I specialize in a number of massage therapy techniques - so that your experience is comfortable and enjoyable - each and every time we meet.

Listed below is a selection of massage techniques for which I am certified to perform. Together, we can build an individualized program with just the right touch:

Swedish Massage

This technique is the foundation for most of the massage modalities. Oils or lotions are applied to the skin with light strokes. A variety of strokes such as gliding, kneading, lifting, rolling, rocking, compression and percussion are operated while gradually moving deeper into the muscle tissue. These techniques help to stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension and soreness, promote deep relaxation, stimulate the immune system, increase flexibility and mental awareness, and the list goes on and on. It is one of the most widely used massage modalities due to its effectiveness in healing the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

When working with chronic areas of pain, misalignment, or repetitive stress injuries, it is generally more beneficial to massage deeper into the muscle tissue. Focusing on specific areas of chronic and acute pain, this technique uses penetrating, compressive strokes and cross fiber frictions, to access deep layers of muscle and connective tissues. This helps to reduce hypersensitivity, muscle spasms, and referred pain patterns. Deep tissue massage is a very effective tool though it is a bit more invasive. This technique is not recommended for first time clients, as it takes time for our body to adjust to receiving therapeutic massage.

Trigger Point

A form of deep tissue massage focusing on hyper irritable areas occurring as small knots in the muscles throughout the body. These areas of contracted muscles can transfer or "refer" pain and tenderness into other parts of the body. In some cases, the referred pain (from an active trigger point) can mimic other ailments. It is important that the client is active in breathing deeply to help with the relief of trigger points, as the direct pressure technique is applied to these areas. This can be effective in one session, but many times will take a series of two or more to fully release the muscle contraction.

Injury Treatment

Following an assessment of the injured area, the recommended treatment will be explained to the client. This will be different depending on the effected area. This usually will be performed in a series of 30 minute sessions, focusing solely on the injured area. If it is a new injury it is necessary to consult with your physician prior to the massage treatment.


An ancient method of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well being. After careful consideration the oils chosen are applied to the body through inhalation or combined with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

Pre-Natal massage

Pre-Natal Massage is designed to work with women during the coarse of their pregnancy. The body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, so we offer a massage specific to the needs of a women during this time in their life. The client is in the side lying position with plenty of comfy pillows to keep the body in a very comfortable position during the massage. It is completely safe for both mother and child, and encouraged to help maintain relaxation and decreased stress on the body.

Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is wonderful for anyone interested in deep relaxation and deep muscle work, without the intensity of Deep Tissue Massage. Basalt Stones, which are formed from lava, are used  in this treatment due to the fact that they can hold heat for a long duration of time. Stones are placed in various areas on the body while the therapist uses more stones to massage and relax your muscles.


One Hour Massage$60.00
30 Minute Massage$35.00
90 Minute Massage$85.00
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage$120.00

In home massage available for additional charge. Call for rate.

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